United Kingdom

The UK partner of Continest shifted from the event retail market towards the COVID-19 generated opportunities with great results. After their nation wide success with the hand sanitizing stations currently CUBE together with Continest is delivering 10 COVID-19 labs at UK airports, out of which two were already operational. In cooperation with the same general contractor CUBE is analysing the shipment of similar lab solutions to the Caribbean.



Dutch innovative mobile sanitation designer and producer. MSSI and Continest co-developed the Wet Cell, which is a multifunctional, plug & play, deployable sanitary unit, that can support the medical, office or event applications of Continest & Contimed. MSSI provided mobile sanitary solutions to field hospitals during the 1st wave of the pandemic in the Netherland, Spain and the USA.



The Israeli partner of Continest with a strong security and defence backround and presence in Israel, GCC and Asia. During the 1st wave of the COVID-19 pandemic MTS a professional network and a product line used to counter the negative impacts.



The energy experts who are disrupting the way energy is harvested, stored and managed. Modular provision of battery packages and power management systems according to market requirements.

US Cargo Systems


Market leader in developing and manufacturing innovative logistical solutions for air and rail cargo, with a successful track record in Government Programs as well commercial transactions.



TELVA’s main business areas are industrial products and security solutions.
During the last decade we have also developed a strong know-how and position in the safety and defence business, as the Finnish partner to our foreign suppliers.

ABR Group


ABR Global Enterprise investments is committed to bringing to the UAE the most advanced technologies which focus on the main verticals in health, education, infrastructure, tourism, science, environment, food security, and water security.